• 2013 Motion Reel

    3D, Motion Graphics & Animation

    Purpose: Parker W Young - Demo Reel 2013

    Techniques: Motion Design, 3D Animation, VFX

    Info: Award-winning motion graphics that tell your story through creative media and cutting-edge design.

    2013 Reel 02 2013 Reel 03
  • Initiate

    Motion Graphics Visualization

    Purpose: Part of the :05 Project Series

    Techniques: After Effects, Trapcode Particular, Plexus

    Info: Comprehensive data schematics that reveal a planet's topography and display statistics.

    Initiate 01 Initiate 02
  • BTC - Everyday

    3D Logo Animation

    Client: BTC, Knight, *POST

    Contribution: 3D Modeling & Animation

    Info: Cinema 4D logo animation for The Bahamas Telecommunications Company, BTC Everyday.

    BTC 01 BTC 02
    03 04 05
  • Hatch Beauty

    Motion Graphics & Logo Animation

    Client: Hatch Beauty, *POST

    Contributions: Concept, Motion Design

    Info: A simple, elegant logo animation concept to help them capture the essence of their beauty products.

    Hatch Beauty 02 Hatch Beauty 03
  • :05 - Alien Spore

    Visual Effects Composite

    Purpose: Part of the :05 Project Series

    Techniques: Trapcode Form, Compositing, Mocha Tracking

    Info: Abstract composite of a fantasy alien spore rising from an organic bed of moss.

    Alien Spore 01 Alien Spore 02
  • A LEGO™ Christmas

    Stop Motion Animated Short

    Purpose: Animation with help from Coty Sanford

    Techniques: Traditional Stop Motion, Compositing

    Info: What happens when these little LEGO™ Minifigure pranksters decorate for Christmas? Chaos!

    Lego Christmas 01 Lego Christmas 02
    03 04
  • Zeunic Holiday Video

    Motion Graphics Video Promo

    Client: Zeunic

    Contribution: Concept, Animation, Splashpage Design

    Info: The holiday season is a wonderful time. Zeunic ends 2012 on a great note with clients, friends and family.

    Zeunic Holiday 01 Zeunic Holiday 02
  • Zombies In Love <3

    LEGO™ Animated Music Video

    Client: Manufactured Superstars, Black Hole Recordings

    Contribution: Concept, Animation, Visual Effects

    Info: Blast off with the Manufactured Superstars in this Official LEGO™ Animated Music Video!

    Zombies in Love 01 Zombies in Love 02
  • Globl Me

    Branding, UI Design & MoGraph Promos

    Client: Zeunic, Globl Me

    Contribution: Concept, Animation, UI Design

    Info: Capture life's moments, share them with your friends, and remember your exciting adventures.

    Globl Me 01 Globl Me 02
  • 2011 Reel

    3D, Motion Graphics & Animation

    Purpose: Parker W Young - Demo Reel 2011

    Techniques: Motion Design, 3D Animation, VFX

    Info: Collection of projects I have worked on from 2011 in the motion graphics and 3D industries.

    2011 Reel 02 2011 Reel 03
  • Second Level

    3D Model & Animated Flythrough

    Purpose: 3D Project at Full Sail University

    Techniques: 3D Modeling, Lighting, Animation

    Info: This 3D environment render boasts magnificent woodwork and spacious, open areas.

    Second Level 02 Second Level 03
    04 05 06
  • Celebrate You

    Disney's Service Celebration 2011

    Client: Disney Event Group

    Contribution: Concept, Animation, Effects

    Info: This graphic was used on digital signs and video elements for Disney's Service Celebration.

    Celebrate You 01 Celebrate You 02
  • 'Lego' Nocturne

    Lego Music Video for BT

    Client: Brian Transeau, Nettwerk Music Group

    Contribution: Concept, Animation, Compositing

    Info: BT + LEGO™ = Awesomeness like you've never seen! Official video for 'Le Nocturne de Lumiere'

    Lego Nocturne 01 Lego Nocturne 02
  • Zeunic

    Web Studio Branding

    Client: Zeunic

    Contribution: Animation, Stationary, Web Design

    Info: Zeunic Web Development specializes in stunning visual graphics, mobile development, and web design.

    Zeunic 02 Zeunic 03
    04 05 06
  • Ripley's Hollywood

    Motion Digital Signage

    Client: Ripley's Entertainment

    Contribution: Concept, Motion Design, 3D

    Client: The Ripley's Believe It Or Not! Museum stands proudly adjacent to the Kodak Theatre in Hollywood, CA.

    Ripley's Hollywood 01 Ripley's Hollywood 02
    03 04